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Military Surplus for Sale

Ammo Cans


  • M2A1 .50 cal Ammo Can $15
  • Fat 50 Ammo Can $20
  • P Ammo Can $25

Sleeping Gear


Make camping a bit more comfortable with:

  • Sleeping Mat $20
  • Self-Inflatable Mat $35
  • Sleeping Bag $X
  • Bivy Covers $X
  • Stuff Sacks

MSA Case $125


The MSA Hard Carrying Case is made of polyethylene.  The military used it to hold the AirHawk Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus.  You can use it to stack and store just about anything.

Tactical Load Vest $25


The tactical load carrying vest has four permanently attached ammunition pockets that can carry six 30-round cartridge magazines for the M16 assault rifle. ... A pull tab is used to open the pocket. Located directly below the ammunition pockets are two pockets, designed to hold the M67 fragmentation grenade.

Assault Packs / 3 Mag Pouches


Mil-Tec MOLLE Assault Pack. ... The padded back protects the wearer's body from any jagged or hard objects that my be inside the backpack, while the adjustable hip belt and lateral compression straps ensure the backpack is securely fastened to the wearer at the precise location he or she wants it to be.

Large Field Pack $125


The MOLLE II Large Rucksack is a large backpack capable of holding nearly 4,000 cubic inches in volume.  The pack features plenty of MOLLE Webbing attachment points on the outside to attach a wide array of pouches or other compartments onto this pack.  Inside the pack there is a zippered divider to separate the top compartment from the bottom.  The pack can be loaded through the top drawstring closure or through a bottom zippered access.  The flap covering the top opening of the rucksack provides water resistance, and has a mesh pocket for small reference and information materials. It is secured with a hook and loop closure.

More Military Surplus Options

Pancho Liners


A poncho liner is a piece of field gear originating in the United States military intended to provide warmth in mild temperatures used as a field expedient sleeping bag when attached to the standard issue poncho by means of integral lengths of material which are looped through the poncho's eyelets.

  • Comes in ACU and Pre-1981 Woodland

Duffel Bags


  • Duffel Bag
  • Canvas laundry bags
  • Waterproof clothing bags



  • Cold weather jacket
  • Fleece jacket
  • Cold weather shirts
  • Coat Liners
  • Extreme cold weather trousers
  • Extreme cold weather overalls
  • Gortex Suites

Knee / Elbow Pads


Tactical knee pads should be very comfortable, so soldiers can concentrate on more important issues, rather than how to not hurt their knees or their combat knee pad slipping down. But they also should be very protective and durable, as often ground surface is very rocky and hard, and tactical knee pads should be a great fit, too, because soldiers have to wear combat pants with knee pads, making it even more uncomfortable.  You may not be a soldier but these knee and elbow pads will be useful no matter what the task.